Friday, October 06, 2006

Art post #2

Ugh, well i'm ill with a sinus cold - not very pleasant! but in the rare moments i managed to lift my head from the pillow i whipped up some art!
here we have a design in celebration of charlottes web being made into a live action movie - boy i loved the original cartoon as a kid. anyway, heres wilbur. Hes some pig!

incidently hes available on tshirts and mugs too rejoyce!

At the moment i seem to have a slight obsession with monkeys. Monkeys not chimps - i dont really care for those bum picking chimps. im talking - oh my god can it get any cuter marmosets and squirrel monkeys and the like. oh yes. so here i am speed painting some squirrel monkeys - me want one me do.

ahnd. Last but not least a WIP of a hobbit that im working on completly in OC watercolour - oh im bad!

thats all!
oh and do comment so i know im not talking away to myself! i know your out there!

1 comment:

Bluebeauty said...

Nope you're not alone on here! Love your stuff especially the pig. Next you should do Charlotte!

Art © Samantha Robinson